Finding Wisdom in the Jungle: Online Resources

Finding Wisdom in the Jungle: Online Resources

State laws are subject to change from new legislation, court rulings, ballot initiatives, and other means.  Always consult an attorney to verify the most current state laws.  Websites, including those listed below, are also subject to change, updates, and removal.Independently check to make sure you are obtaining the most current information from the most current source.

Chapter 1

All states: statelaws:, legal ages laws

            Examples of State, State Bar,and Judicial Websites on turning 18:

Alaska: Alaska Bar Association: Alaska Youth Law Guide: A Handbook forTeens and Young Adults.

California: The State Bar of California: When You Turn 18.

Colorado: Colorado Judicial Branch – Courts – Youth and the Law – List of Laws.

Connecticut:Variations From the Age of Majority in Connecticut.

Delaware: Division of Child Mental Health, Surviving the transition to adulthood.

Florida: The Florida Bar: Just adulting legal survival guide.

Idaho: Turning 18 in Idaho, a survival guide for teenagers.

Illinois: Illinois State Bar Association: Becoming an Adult – your legal rights and responsibilities at age 18.

Massachusetts: Massachusetts Attorney General: When You Turn 18.

Michigan: Michigan Bar: The law for minors, parents, and counselors.

Missouri: The Missouri Bar: Turning 18?

Montana: State Bar of Montana: G218 [Guide to turning 18].

Nebraska: The Nebraska State Bar Foundation: Reachingthe Age of Majority, Legal Rights & Responsibilitiesof Adults.

Nevada: State Bar of Nevada – Coming of Age in Nevada.

New York: New York State Bar Association: Now that you’ve turned 18.

Ohio: Ohio State Bar Association: Now You’re 18: Rights and Responsibilities.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Bar Association: You’re 18 Now – It’s Your Responsibility.

Vermont: Vermont Bar Association: On your own.

Virginia: Virginia State Bar: So You’re 18

Washington: Washington State Bar Association: Age of Majority

West Virginia: West Virginia State Bar: Coming Of Age In West Virginia.

Wisconsin: State Bar of Wisconsin: What you should know about Wisconsin law- your legal rights and responsibilities.


Chapter 2

Lost Lessons Of The Vietnam War


Chapter 4

Medical errors

Neuroscience: This Is How Meditation Changes Your Brain for the Better


Chapter 5

National Domestic Violence Hotline


Chapter 6

Moms Are Now Primary Breadwinners In 40 Percent Of Homes

Chicago Symphony Orchestra, 1997, Elgar, Enigma Variations


Chapter 7

Beware These Predatory Student Loan Practices

Almost all student loan fraud claims involve for-profit colleges, study finds


Chapter 8

What The Supreme Court’s Decision On Forced Arbitration Means For You


Chapter 9

About the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Join the Military


Chapter 10

Money Tips For College Students


Chapter 11

Vote Smart


Chapter 12

Sexual Assault Civil Statutes of Limitations by State


Chapter 14

Benefits of Music Education

Meditation: Where There Is Light


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